About us

Our Vision

To invest in dreams of the people and make money work for positive change.

Our Objectives

To help our customers unleash their full potential by giving them access to financial services that are simple, fast and accessible, wherever they are and regardless of their financial situation.
about us

We are here to manage your finance with experience

The goal of Biznet Capital is to tap into and grow a huge Microfinance brand proposition by focusing on products that are specially designed and innovative products and services. We aim to help the underserved access credit through innovative solutions.

Core Values


We are committed to living up to our promises


We handle our customers with humility, dignity and confidentiality.


We listen to our customers to understand and deliver on each of their needs.


Always innovating to respond to our clients needs.


We will always: Do the right things, do things right and give 100%


This is the heart and soul of the company. Our team uses open communication, compassion empathy, and trust to create synergy when faced with obstacles.

Work with Us

Why choose us


There are many companies but why choose us

Competitive Interest Rates

Our competitive interest rates and terms provide our customers with favorable financial solutions

Personalized Service

Our tailored solutions and the expert guidance we offer make our customers feel valued

Transparency and Honesty

Our commitment to transparency and honest communication is part of our DNA.

Fast Processing

Approval and disbursements within an hour after we get all your supporting documents.


We prefer the collaborative approach to solve solutions. Your business is our business.


We listen by offering financial advise/financial literacy to young professionals as we seek to grow together as financial partners. Flexible loan offers as per the client's needs with an aim of offering solutions.

Our mission is to invest in dreams of the people and make money work for positive change. 

Thika Superhighway, Exit 12/13
(Friday - Saturday)
(8am - 5pm)