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The maximum loan amount for an SME loan with Biznet Capital depends on several factors, including your business's financial stability, creditworthiness, and the specific loan product you're interested in. We offer flexible loan amounts tailored to your business's unique needs, with the aim of providing you with the necessary capital to help your business thrive.

At Biznet Capital, we understand the importance of timely access to funds. For salary advance loans, our streamlined application and approval process typically allows for quick decisions. Once your application is approved, you can expect the funds to be disbursed directly to your account within a short timeframe, often within 24 to 48 hours.

Logbook loans offered by Biznet Capital use your vehicle's logbook (vehicle registration certificate) as collateral. The process involves a simple assessment of your vehicle's value, and you can borrow an amount based on its appraisal. Your vehicle remains in your possession during the loan period, and upon repayment, the logbook is returned to you. It's a convenient way to access financing using your vehicle's value as security.

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