Salary Advance

Product tailor-made for employed individuals who can borrow up to 60% of their net income.

Payable within 30 days

At Biznet Capital, we offer employees pay day loans and medium credit facilities to take care of their financial needs such as hospital bills, school fees, and bridging needs. You can pay your loan in upto 3 months and we process within a few hours of receiving your documents.

Requirements Term
  • A copy of the original ID
  • Employment confirmation by employer.
  • 3 Months Payslip
  • 2 guarantors and ID Cards
  • 3 Months M-pesa & Bank Statements
  • Chequebook ( not mandatory)
  • Low Interest
  • Processing fees of 3% on the principle
  • Term 1-3 months


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  • 0720385700

Application Form & Brochures

Download Our Loan Application Form And Brochure

Our mission is to invest in dreams of the people and make money work for positive change. 

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